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Donald Trump Tried to Destroy the Constitution

What will it take for millions of Americans to care?

OCTOBER 14, 2022

By Tom Nichols

The final hearing of the House January 6 Committee made clear that a duly elected and sworn president of the United States tried to overthrow the constitutional order. When are we going to act on that knowledge?

But first, here are three new stories from The Atlantic.

  • There’s only one group to blame for how Republicans flocked to Trump.

  • Don’t patronize John Fetterman.

  • One Ukrainian city in the way of Putin’s new total war

Unnatural Disaster

There are days when the presidency of Donald Trump seems like just another natural disaster that we can allow to recede into history after we count its victims and repair the damage. But earthquakes and volcanoes do not have will and cannot choose to return and destroy again. Trump, however, is like a hurricane pacing just offshore, waiting and plotting to flatten and flood our...

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