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Restore the Balance is partisan...against extremism

Gayle Gerson

May 1, 2024

In response to those letter writers and You Said It contributors who are convinced that the Restore the Balance organization is a partisan front for Democrats, I will say that, yes, it IS partisan, but not for the Democratic Party.   It is partisan against extremist views and actions in politics and government.  It is partisan FOR civil discourse, civic responsibility, reasoned arguments, and compromise and cooperation to solve problems.

Running the government should not be a sideshow filled with internet grandstanding, vitriolic accusations, election denying and inciting riots.  We all know that this sideshow is vastly compelling, outrageous and entertaining; but it is not government.

We saw a good example of government in action with the bipartisan effort to pass a bill to address the crisis on the southern border.  It wasn’t perfect legislation; but it was a compromise and a beginning to solve the problem.  And then the “party before country” folks took over and it wasn’t allowed to come for a vote which it would have surely passed in the House.

And so RTB seeks to identify reasonable public servants on any side willing to reach across the aisle, listen to the opposing arguments, reach compromise and most of all, be dedicated to serving a country of which we can all be proud.

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