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Letters to the Editor

􀁔􀁨􀁥􀀠􀁄􀁡􀁩􀁬􀁹􀀠􀁓􀁥􀁮􀁴􀁩􀁮􀁥􀁬􀁔􀁨􀁥􀀠􀁄􀁡􀁩􀁬􀁹􀀠􀁓􀁥􀁮􀁴􀁩􀁮􀁥􀁬􀁔􀁨􀁥􀀠􀁄􀁡􀁩􀁬􀁹􀀠􀁓􀁥􀁮􀁴􀁩􀁮The Daily Sentinel

April 23, 2024

Restore the Balance is a breath of fresh air. It’s a group of Republicans, Democrats and independents who are worried about how political extremism is threatening our democracy. And our mental health!

A good example is the recent bipartisan border/immigration bill, developed by Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. Reuters News says it “would mark the most significant changes in U.S. immigration and border security in decades.” It would close the border until the number of immigrants drops and would speed up asylum claims, stopping the process where migrants are released for years until their asylum hearings come up. The top Senate Republican says Republicans would not get a better deal even if a Republican were president.

Yet a small group of extremist Republicans in the House are demanding it not even be brought to a vote since they know it would pass. They are preventing any kind of action to solve our problems, just paralyzing our country.

Restore the Balance is working to stop this kind of petty partisan politics. Their goal is to support working together to solve problems like immigration and to treat each other with respect and civility, not focusing on insulting each other, as some politicians are doing.

We have enough problems from cracked bridges to Gaza to homelessness to Russia that we should be working together to solve. Restore the Balance gives me hope that we may start doing that.


De Beque

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