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The Big Truth

Gayle Gerson

Grand Junction

To my dear neighbors and friends who persist in displaying Trump election signs and flags:  you are on the wrong side of history.  You love your candidate and are proud of all he has accomplished in four years.  I get that.

 However, by refusing to acknowledge his loss in a free, fair and certified election, our president has brought our system of self-government to the brink of disaster.  He has shouted and tweeted a big dangerous lie that the election was rigged and stolen, all evidence and court decisions and certifications by both political parties to the contrary.  He did not win by a landslide.  He lost by a lot of votes.

I will say this truth over and over until you get it.  I will not argue about his character, his unfitness for the highest office in the land, or his insanity.  I will only repeat the truth that our country held a free and fair election and Trump lost.  I will say this truth until we can once again assure that our elected leaders are safe to do their jobs.

Take down your signs and flags and let’s get to work.

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