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The Daily Sentinel Letter to the Editor

Updated: Mar 11

Grateful to CMU for help in hosting public meeting

On May 17, about 500 people filled the Meyer Ballroom at CMU for the first public meeting of Restore the Balance, an organization formed to fight extremism in local and regional politics.

CMU provided us with a lot more than a big room. CMU’s people worked smoothly and expertly

to configure their state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities for our presentation and set up secure

WiFi to process payments (thank you, Colin Keefe, event media specialist).

They also worked tirelessly to arrange and rearrange tables and chairs as attendance registration swelled in the days before the event (thank you Bree Meier, CMU’s University Center director).

Sodexo food service provided invaluable advice as we considered refreshments, even though we ended up just providing tap water to save money (thanks, Sara Grapner).

CMU’s support and helpfulness came straight from the top, with keen participation from President

John Marshall and Derek Wagner, vice president of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Our community is so fortunate to have CMU in its midst and blessed to have its leadership in public affairs. The impact of our first public event was far greater than it otherwise could

have been, and we are incredibly grateful.


Grand Junction

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