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Restore the Balance

Stand up, Speak out

Reject Political Extremism

Restore the Balance is a 501(C)(4) non-profit organization headquartered in Grand Junction, with branches in other Western Slope counties in Colorado 

We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents working together for the purpose of building an alternative to political extremism.

“Thanks for voicing what we have been thinking for a long time, and for creating a structure where we can connect and flex our political muscles!”

Pat Jacques, Grand Junction, CO

"I agree with everything you said. Thank you for getting this movement started to restore balance and civility back in our society."

Gene Byrne, Palisade, CO

“This movement gives us hope that there are many who feel and believe as we do - angry, loud voices, which promote false information, do not represent the majority of Americans. The voice of truth and reason needs to be heard loud and clear as well.”

Coni Wolfe, Cedaredge, CO

“We fervently support the effort to stress the importance of facts, moderation, and civility.”

Max and Vicki Stites,

Grand Junction, CO

Our Movement

What We Do

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We spread our message through events in the community, articles in the local press and on our social media channels.


And we have yard signs!

Organizations We Support

Fairvote voting
Choice Voting for Colorado
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