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Candidate Surveys

We go beyond the sound bites to learn where the candidates really stand.

Bi-partisan RtB committees develop questionnaires for candidates based on the following criteria:

  • Supports RTB’s 7 Principles

  • Puts public interest over party interest

  • Qualified to serve

  • Grasps issues facing western Colorado and offers solutions

More weighting is assigned to questions that address RTB Principles.  Candidates' responses are rated by a bi-partisan committee using a weighted average scoring process. The full candidate responses, an executive summary and numerical rubric containing candidate scores are published on this website. The numerical rubric along with brief commentaries are published in the local press.

 To date, RTB has surveyed candidates for the 2024 Municipal elections in Delta County, the 2023 District 51 School Board elections, the 2022 Grand Junction City Council race and the 2022 General Elections.

Getting beneath the surface allows us all to make more informed and better choices as we prepare to vote.

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