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All Citizens Must Respect Elections and Jury Verdicts

Updated: Jun 24

Former President Trump’s recent state guilty verdict on 34 felony counts of preparing false business records as part of a conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election has Republicans screaming about the result. It’s interesting that none of Trump’s defenders have claimed that he was innocent of the charges. Instead, like the 2020 election, Republicans attack the system.

Trump and his enablers have foisted two “Big Lies” on this country.

First, they gave us the big lie that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen despite there being no evidence of widespread election fraud. This lie resulted in an attack on the Capitol, the first since the British attacked in 1814.

Now we have the lie that President Biden and the Democrats have “rigged” the justice system against the Republican presumptive nominee. Again, there are no objective facts supporting this lie.

The same Department of Justice that through a special counsel has indicted Trump for attempting to overthrow the government and for stealing nuclear secrets and defense war plans is prosecuting President Biden’s son and Robert Menendez, a Democratic senator. This same DOJ has also indicted Henry Cuellar, a Democratic congressman from Texas. If President Biden and the Democrats are weaponizing the justice system, they are doing a really poor job of protecting their own.

It's time for this country to recognize that if we are to have a democracy, all citizens must respect elections and jury verdicts. It is not patriotic to tear down our democratic institutions to protect a man who is completely incapable admitting that his conduct has led to all of his problems with the law.

Trump is now a convicted felon and as such is not fit to serve as President of the United States.

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