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Declaration of Restore the Balance

WHEREAS, September 17th is the 229th Anniversary of the signing of our Constitution, which provides a momentous opportunity for all Americans to discover and recognize the accomplishments of our Forefathers, and to ponder the rights and privileges of citizenship as well as the responsibilities thereof; and

WHEREAS, We, the people of the United States of America, do enjoy the blessings of liberty, the guarantees of the Bill of Rights, equal protection of the law under our Constitution, and the freedoms derived from it; and

WHEREAS, it is vitally important that the terms, conditions and meaning of the Constitution be fully understood by all citizens and that they be reminded that the rights, blessings and guarantees provided there in must be defended against attacks from those who decry the law and attempt to subvert the will of the people; and

WHEREAS, 2022 being an election year, citizens have the right and responsibility to become informed, to select officials who will protect and defend the Constitution and reject those who have failed to honor their oath; and

WHEREAS, at this time, the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, extremism threatens our democracy and it is particularly appropriate to remind ourselves of the need to be vigilant, steadfast, and united in defense of our constitutionally guaranteed rights; and

WHEREAS, all American citizens should observe and respect their independence as guaranteed by our Constitution with fitting ceremonies and commemorative activities during Constitution Week as proclaimed in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Congress of the United States of America.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT DECLARED, that Restore the Balance urges all citizens to celebrate this anniversary by paying special attention now, and during the upcoming general election, to our Constitutional government, the fragility thereof, the importance of voting, and the responsibility of all citizens to defend, protect, and abide by the Constitution, and

BE IT FURTHER DECLARED, that every voter is urged to join us in rejecting extremism and voting to elect leaders who represent the principles of truth, honesty, civility, unity, compromise, and responsibility to country before party.

PUBLISHED and DECLARED by Restore the Balance this 17th day of September, 2022

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Can you help expand this to Colorado Springs? PLEASE. I am so sad about the region where I reside. I am in unincorporated El Paso County and would help with organizing. Harriet Homsher Hamilton Hamilton, Esq.; 303-475-3241

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