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Restore The Balance Membership Survey, Spring 2023

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Annual Meeting Wrap-up

RTB Supporters:

The RTB Annual meeting on May 24th was a huge success because of your support. Many thanks to the over 400 of you who attended in person, the many who attended virtually, those who made a financial investment in our effort, the many volunteers who helped make the meeting happen, and all of you who are promoting our efforts to reject extremism and return sanity to our government.

We will take the information obtained to create an action plan for activities and events over the next 18 months to promote our seven principles and influence the election of leaders that exemplify those principles, regardless of political party. Some of those activities will include a heightened presence at community gatherings, conducting surveys and ratings of candidates in upcoming elections, conducting print and social media campaigns, assisting other counties to create RTB-type organizations, finding opportunities to empower unaffiliated voters, educating the public, and furthering civil dialogue. We ask that you join us in these efforts. You can help right now by:

  • Encouraging your friends and family to join us by going to the RTB website:

  • Following us on Facebook and Instagram and sharing our posts with your friends:

  • Inviting RTB to speak at your clubs and civic organizations.

  • Holding gatherings at your house or patio where the RTB mission can be promoted.

  • Attending RTB events and fundraisers.

  • Writing letters to the editor to call out extremism and promote the RTB principles.

  • Demanding that local political parties nominate moderate, credible, candidates.

  • Volunteering for the campaigns of candidates that exemplify the RTB principles.

  • Share your ideas for activities, events, and promotional opportunities.

Another way to help is to volunteer with us. We need people with specific skills in website design, Mail Chimp communications, database management, fundraising, editorial writing, social media promotions, and marketing/messaging. You can sign up today at: In closing, we would like to express our gratitude to: Colorado Mesa University for the use of their incredible facility; the CMU staff for their able assistance; our legislative panel of Bernie Buescher, Gayle Berry, Tim Foster, and Dan Prinster for sharing their experiences and thoughtful comments; the University of Colorado Office of Outreach and Engagement; and faculty members Dr. Tim Casey (CMU) and Dr. Leah Sprain (CU), for facilitating the interactive exercises which provided useful insight into our members’ thoughts and concerns (full results of the exercise will follow in a later email). Let’s all continue to stand up and speak out against extremism. Tim Sarmo Chairman

For full results of the survey please click on the link below to download the PowerPoint

RTB Membership Survey, Spring 2023
Download • 3.04MB

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