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Why I voted for Trump ... and never will again

Updated: Mar 11

February 8, 2024

Frank Ferris - Grand Junction

Why I voted for Trump ... and never will again

We are all prejudiced to some extent. Sixty years ago, we old white males grew up around ethnic jokes that lightly screamed prejudice. Better jobs went to whites. A woman belonged in the home (my mom, for example), etc.

My prejudice boils when I call a help line and have to ask them to speak English or interact with a unqualified minority. In retaliation, I voted for Trump in 2016 because he provided an aura of 60-years-ago leadership and he emphasized controlling the influx of foreigners and squashing regulations.

The MAGA white supreme leader has stoked our white male dominant 60-year-old prejudice model that many old and some younger white males have bought into; and their loyal (subservient) wives know their role.

They followed his directives: send me money (at least $250 million so far and the business genius billionaire needs your $5), go to the Capitol, harass officials, drink the Kool-Aid (oops — not yet), buy my trinkets, be obedient minions, only listen to me.

I see how he has split the country with his election lies. No audit or recount of election results by any entity has shown any significant election fraud. His staff, an audit Trump paid for, the Arizona Republican audits and other Republicans all showed or told him he lost. As documented by Fox emails, Fox network leaders continued to air these conspiracy theories for fear of losing audience members (old white males). Fox News spread his election lies and it cost them $787.5 million. And yet, many of the old white males still believe his continued election lies.

In addition, this stud duck Christian family man of highclass stature is entitled to sex with a porn star ($130,000) and having his way with an advice columnist ($5 million). As one old white Christian male stated when I indicated some of the well-documented court cases and election issues, “It is all fake news I ignore.” Nothing can tarnish his GOD.

If Trump were black, would he still be your GOD? I believe if Trump were black, the white supremacy Make America Great Again model would have never materialized. I am scared if he is elected, he will start a war to quiet the opposition and consolidate his power. I am not throwing my son and his generation under the Trump bus. I am done with the crybaby.

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