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Trump’s treatment of vets is but one reason he’s unfit

Blane Colton

Letter to the Editor

Published June 16, 2024

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Trump’s treatment of vets is but one reason he’s unfit.

I rarely hear reference to President John Kennedy’s admonition nowadays: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” And conversely, I’ve been told that my father wasn’t the fine, dignified man that I thought. He was a sucker and a loser.

Drafted soon after Pearl Harbor and sent off to boot camp in Georgia, he raced home to Brooklyn for three days and married my mom. He didn’t see her again until 1945 after fighting Nazis up the boot of Italy and later in southern France. He survived being blown up and shot and navigated the psychological aftermath in the humble manner of the veterans of the era. The only time I ever saw him cry was when he was recounting the joy of liberated civilians when they marched into Rome.

I want to point out to single-issue voters that they do not live in a single-issue world. There are things to consider that are far more important than you or me or our personal concerns. Like it or not, we are all citizens of planet Earth and what goes down in distant places can impact your life and mine. When we piddle with the small stuff, we miss the forest for the trees. If we miss the fact that we, our species, are slowly but surely turning our planet into a cinder, we set up those that follow us, our children, for misery and conflict beyond imagination.

Orange Bone Spur distracts me with his adolescent whining and stupidity while Biden has set the world on a course that will prevent the worst. Orange Bone Spur is unfit for public office. If your friends would shun you, recall that, for now anyway, the ballot in this country remains secret.

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