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Obstructionism in Congress is Extremism

Bill Heller

Letter to the Editor

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

February 2, 2024

As a baby boomer, I grew up knowing that Russia was our mortal enemy.  Democrats were deemed soft on Russia.  Republicans stood up to the Russian bear.  Why is it that now Republicans are soft on Russia? 

If America doesn’t lead the free world, who would?  France?  Italy?  Japan?  Clearly we need to continue to lead.  Why would we want anyone else to do it?

Supporting Ukraine to defend itself is a national security issue.  It should NOT be partisan.  The amount the Senate has asked for amounts to less than 10% of our military budget.  No Americans are endangered.  Most of the money will be spent here on ammo.  Russia has already lost 100,000 men and is spending 6.5% of its GDP on the war effort.  It is certainly in our best interest to let this war continue for as long as it takes to bankrupt Russia, while Russian mothers are demanding to know why their sons are dying. 

In the same week that Congress equivocated on aid, Putin brutally murdered Navalny, AND launched a top secret nuclear tipped satellite designed to wipe out our communications systems.  And these are only the declassified bits.  The full information must be much worse.   Russia is our deadly enemy.  It wants to annihilate us. 

Dictators the world over are watching – and acting.  China has already sent a PT boat into Taiwan, while Chairman Un has ratcheted up rhetoric against S Korea, and showing off his new car his buddy Putin gave him.  Congress needs to get past the theatrics and support Ukraine promptly.  If it doesn’t, the consequences will be far more deadly, more costly, and likely far reaching.  Deterrence now could prevent WWIII.  And a handful of extremist Republicans will be responsible for this disaster.

Bill Heller


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