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April Elections in Delta County
Candidate Responses and Scores

Restore the Balance – Delta County (RTB Delta County) is a branch of a 501(C)(4) nonprofit organization centered in Grand Junction, Colorado. We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents working together for the purpose of building an alternative to political violence and extremism. RTB members have endorsed seven fundamental principles of political action and discourse, and RTB’s main activity is the evaluation of candidates for public office.

RTB Delta County sent questionnaires to 34 municipal candidates running in the six municipal elections running concurrently in April. The questionnaire consisted of nine questions and addressed three primary categories: the  candidates’ qualifications for office, their grasp of important issues, and their ability to abstain from partisan politics and ideology.  
Of the 34 candidates, 19 responded. 


With the completed questionnaires, RTB-Delta County Election Task Force members reviewed and evaluated the candidates’ essay-style responses based on RTB’s guiding principles, which promote nonpartisan, good-faith, civil discourse and reject political violence and extremism.  The task force members independently scored the candidates’ responses to each question, with 7 being the highest score. Candidates who didn’t respond to the survey did not receive a score.

Cedaredge election April 7, 2024

Greg Hart for Mayor


I am a Cedaredge native born in 1948 at the Hawkins Maternity Home on the

SE corner of SW 3rd St. and SW 2nd Ave, Cedaredge. I am married to Patricia (Patti) and have three daughters from a previous marriage and one stepson. After graduating from Cedaredge High School…

Chris Johnson for Mayor

Seven years on the Board of Trustees. Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Good listener, good communicator. Able to work with people who have different opinions and worldviews.

Jeff Peed for Mayor

I am steady in the saddle; I am sixty-six years young (as per Paul Harvey); married forty-two
years to my “One and Only/Lovely Bride” Jennifer; we have been blessed with four children andfour grandchildren (so far); I have shepherded three churches...

Wanda Gofforth for Mayor

I served four years on the Council prior to my eight years as and transparent to all citizens and work toward maintaining the best services to our community as possible.

Delta Municipal election April 7, 2024

Dan Korthuis for Mayor

I have owned business in Loveland, Denver, Bristol Bay Alaska, and here in Delta. I know what it’s like to have people depending on me to keep them employed and make money. It will be nice to help make decisions for my neighbors. I own property in Delta, and I want to see it grow and prosper...

Nathan Clay for Mayor

The primary qualification that I possess to serve in the position of Delta city councilman is my
prior experience and history in management and my prior effective service in that seat. From
2018 - 2022 I served on the city council. During that time we accomplished some decent steps


Hotchkiss election April 7, 2024

Randy Thalmann for Trustee

I want our town to grow and prosper in the years ahead creating more opportunities for our future generations.  I'd be proud to know that maybe in some way I was able to be a part of that.

Roger Christian for Trustee

I am 73 years of age, retiring from Delta in 2019 after 31 years as a public servant for the city. I worked for 2l years as a police officer, working my way through the ranks before retiring as the Commander. I held the position of lnterim Chief twice. The last 10 years I worked as the Code Enforcement and Animal Control officer.

Orchard City election April 7, 2024

David Murphy for Trustee

My family has lived in Orchard City for over 35 years. I have lived in Eckert with my
wife for 6 years. We own a home, we have a business and we pay taxes...

Dick Kirkpatrick for Trustee

I have constructed or consulted on water and wastewater projects over
the years ranging in value from $500 thousand to $900 million...I have been a Trustee for the Town of Orchard City for 8 years starting 2016...

Kevin Walsh for Trustee

I have always been a team player. I was a problem solver in my 25 plus years as an
Electrical Engineer.  I will take the time to research the answers to problems that may come up in this position.

Mike Hansen for Trustee

I presently serve on the Orchard City planning committee and have lived in the community for a large portion of my life, and have seen many changes to the area.

William Punkony for Trustee

Western Slope Native, Graduated from Paonia High School and proud to say I was raised in Western Colorado.
Background of Management, from being raised on a Ranch in Crawford to Managing multiple production and Retail facilities in the building material

Paonia election April 2, 2024

Paige Smith for Mayor

I’m running unopposed to serve as Mayor of Paonia. I’ve been a town
Trustee since December of 2021 and prior to that I attended nearly every
Town Trustee meeting since early 2020 as a citizen. As a result, I’m
familiar with how a small statutory Town can best be governed...


Walter Czech for Trustee

I am civic minded and want to contribute to my local community. I was politically active in Denver before moving to Paonia. I have spoken before the Denver city council on issues I cared about and worked in the campaign office for a ballot initiative in Denver.

William Brunner for Trustee

Served on the Paonia the 1990's and was elected again in 2016. I have lived in Paonia since the late 70's and very aware of how easily the Town Council falls into a tribal mentality. It is my hope to move Paonia toward some much needed institutional integrity. It is respect for the process that draws the line between government of laws and governmentby whims.

Kathryn Swartz for Trustee

I moved to Paonia in 2006 and since that time, I have been actively involved in the community and have extensive business experience. I was the Executive Director of Solar Energy International for nine years. During my tenure, over six hundred students,
instructors, and guests came to Paonia on an annual basis...

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