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A divider-in-chief has no use for unity

Updated: Jun 20

Letter to the Editor

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

May 29, 2024

United we stand, divided we fall. I think most people agree with the wisdom in that statement. Today, our nation is more divided than at any time in the past 50 years. There are many reasons, but one individual bares more responsibility than any other. That person is Donald Trump. Donald Trump divides us. Does division help America? No, then why does he do it? Because it benefits Donald Trump.

If you lose an election and tell a lie to create division, you might foment an insurrection and retain power. If you use extremism and anger, you can whip up narrow zealots, split your party and gain control. If you pit state governor against state governor, citizens focus on differences rather than similarities. If you fuel hate-filled paranoia based on lies, families can be torn apart. Dissension benefits wannabe dictators. We Americans can forget we are the United States of America.

Congress is dysfunctional because of Trump-backed extremists creating gridlock. Why? Because it benefits Donald Trump. If you don’t believe it, look again. Democrats and Republicans came together over a bill to manage and control the border. Donald Trump demanded that his supporters kill the bill Why? Because he benefits by a continuing conflict over the border.

Donald Trump benefits from the exhibition and perpetuation of the worst traits of human nature — fear, anger, greed and tribalism. Donald Trump seeks to divide us over race, religion, politics, COVID vaccines and masks, the United Nations, the war in Ukraine against an authoritarian dictator, immigrants seeking a better life and a justice system that believes no man is above the law.

Does Donald Trump offer solutions to America’s problems? No, because solutions end conflict and conflict benefits Donald Trump’s quest for power.

We need all voices to be heard in addressing our nation’s needs.

But no matter what you think of Donald Trump’s policies, ideology, abilities, motivations or qualities as a leader, we will not address our most serious problems until we turn down the temperature, seek compromise and return to civility. This will not happen as long as Donald Trump continues to hold sway over America using anger, contempt, conflict and division.

Enough is enough. Regardless of your politics or your party, it is time to rid American politics of Donald Trump. It is time to move on to a brighter future and a more United States of America.


Grand Junction

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