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Against extremism

Updated: Jun 22

Extremism and hyper-partisanship continue to dominate the news. Congress is unable to function due to the actions of a handful of extremists. These extremists place themselves ahead of the wishes of the public and oppose measures supported by large majorities of Americans.

They have blocked aid to the people of Ukraine fighting authoritarianism. According to Pew Research from February of 2024, “Two years on from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 74% of Americans view the war there as important to U.S. national interests.”

They have backtracked on support for a bipartisan border security bill to resolve the problems at our border. The Wall Street Journal printed in March of this year that “59% of voters said they would support the bipartisan package, with roughly equal percentages of Republicans and Democrats in favor.”

Enough is enough! It's time to stand up and speak out against extremism! It's time to unite for what is right regardless of party.

Teri Feeney Styers

Grand Junction

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