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Congratulations to GOP leaders across the state (including the Mesa County GOP leadership) in standing up and crying “Foul!” when the Colorado Republican Party Chairman, Dave Williams, sent a mass email purportedly representing the state party, with the subject line: God Hates Pride.

A petition calling for his removal from the party’s highest state office has been initiated. Here are some quotes from those party members who have signed the petition:

“That's not who we are here in Colorado. He is not speaking on behalf of the Republican Party. He is speaking for himself." Jefferson County GOP Chair Nancy Pallozzi 

"Instead of focusing on what unites us, under the leadership of Dave Williams the message from the state GOP has been one of division fueled by hateful narratives." Republican state Sen. Barb Kirkmeyer

"We do have to be sensitive with party politics, but I'm not on board with hate and division, not on board with it at all." Boulder County GOP Chairwoman Tara Menza 

“We're a political party, not an ecclesiastical organization. Dave is not a prophet. He does not speak on behalf of the almighty." El Paso County GOP vice chairman Todd Watkins

It appears that enough counties will sign the petition that it will initiate a broader vote to oust him prior to the RNC convention. Let’s hope that the 400+ voting members have the spine to rid themselves of him as a speaker for the group as a whole. They can do better.

Teri Feeney Styers / RTB Member

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