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Trump's mugshot

Blane Colton

Letter to the Editor

Montrose Mirror Issue 573

February 19, 2024

 I’m inclined to chuckle when I run across Trump’s mugshot. I imagine him making gruesome faces in the mirror for a couple hours in preparation for his arraignment.


 But there’s no doubt: this is not the face of a kind, gentle, loving guy picking petunias for his sweetie. This is the face of hostility, revenge, paranoia, greed and avarice. It’s the face of malice and violence that threatens, injures, kills, and splits families into warring factions. It’s the face of a sociopath bent on satisfying it‘s every need and desire. It’s the face of reckless extremism and an insatiable hunger for power and riches.


Now it’s the face of the once respectable Republican party, the once law and order party corrupted by an indicted felon bent on evading justice. It’s the face behind politicians and preachers thinking they have dominion over women’s bodies. It’s the face of governance by mob and zealot.


It’s the face of a Putin supplicant who is fine with the treacherous if not treasonous Green, Boebert and others spewing Russian propaganda. It’s the ugly face of Christian Nationalism, hell bent on infecting all of us with a theocracy as in Afghanistan or Iran but with a cross.


It’s the face that frightens cowardly politicians into turning their backs on our fellow human beings in Ukraine while Putin rapes, bombs, murders and pillages his way across Europe. This is the mugshot face that squeezes the honor and morality out of politicians who would sacrifice everything to hang on to their jobs. It’s the face that attracts the racists and homophobes and the ill-informed among us who are aching for some elusive past that never existed.


You can help. Vote all the MAGA’s out. Let’s turn the arc of history back toward the good once again.

Blane Colton

Grand Junction

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