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Trump will not overturn N.Y. conviction on appeal

Glenn Whitaker

Letter to the Editor

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

June 19, 2024

In his letter of June 18, David Kearsley professes embarrassment over Trump’s Manhattan trial for election interference.

As a lawyer, he should know that Trump was not convicted of the federal crime of election interference. In fact, he was convicted of engaging in a conspiracy to violate New York Election Law Section 17-152, by engaging in illegal conduct with the purpose of promoting the election of a person to a public office.

In his case, Trump was part of a conspiracy to prevent the disclosure of his illicit affair with a porn star by paying her to keep silent and then passing off the payment in false business records as legal expenses. After the disclosure of his taped comments about grabbing women’s genitals, he was terrified of another disclosure of his misogynistic behavior.

Just another example of Trump’s lifelong cheating behavior. He will not win on appeal. Like so many of Trump’s followers, Mr. Kearsley, who previously supported Ron DeSantis, are now jumping back on the bandwagon of a convicted felon who can’t own a firearm but would have control of the nuclear arsenal.

This is same convicted felon who incited the Jan. 6 insurrection at the nation’s capital, who brags that he will be a dictator on day one if he is elected, who has demanded the execution of his political enemies, who will end all reproductive rights in this country including IVF and contraception, who calls veterans “suckers and losers,” who claims he will pardon the J6 insurrectionists despite their crimes of beating police officers and defecating in the Capitol, who has no plan to reduce inflation, and who will increase the national debt as he did in his first term by lowering taxes for his wealthy supporters. This who Republicans now support.


Glade Park

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