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Candidate Questionnaire Response

For U.S. Representative for CD3

Mr. Curtis McCrackin

1. What is your motivation for running for CD3 US Representative, and what are your qualifications to serve?  

My motivation for running in CD3 is that I believe our country is currently suffering from poor leadership. That poor leadership has us $34 trillion dollars in debt. Our leadership has shown little desire to balance our budget, from both sides of the aisle. I don’t believe our leadership has a genuine respect for the authority our Constitution commands. I think the 10 th amendment of our Constitution is regularly trampled upon in how our treasury is spent, by both parties. I think the only real qualification necessary for serving in congress is to have the best interest of the people at heart. Who can say if education, business experience, age, or intelligence really prepares one for the task of leadership. (Our brightest Rhodes Scholars have us $34 trillion in debt.) I believe true leadership is not learned from a book but shaped in us by things like, how we were parented, do we have a worldview that humanity is to be loved not hated? Are we able to act selfless and put aside the selfishness we all have?

2. What do you perceive as the top three issues facing CD3 that you propose to address, and how would you address those issues if elected?

The top 3 issues facing CD3 in my opinion. #1 Inflation To resolve it we must get government spending under control. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said about the American Rescue Plan Act that “It was the least responsible macroeconomic policy in 40 years and it would cause inflation” and it did. Inflation caused by the 1.9 trillion-dollar spending bill that passed in 2021 continues to be a great financial burden on the American working class.

#2 Education I believe education is a local issue and that the Federal government needs to return control of education back to the states. Our focus in education should be on academic excellence and equal access for all children. Kids need to be fed, loved, encouraged, and challenged. Social identity has become such a distraction. The education committee is one I would be honored to set on if asked. I also think education is a core concern for all families.

#3 Division/Trust/Lack of transparency As I campaign across the district I hear questions regarding border security, government transparency, and misinformation. It all points to a lack of communication on the part of leadership, and a lack of trust in our media. (I won’t go into social media because I believe it’s too toxic to give any real discussion to.)I would hope if I’m elected to find a clear way to communicate with constituents in the district the truth about what is happening and why in government. Rebuilding trust with the people we serve will be extremely hard but necessary. Healing the great divide between political parties will be just as challenging. One thing that will need to happen is voters will need to elect new leaders that display respect and decency for all regardless of how we may differ on policy. Refusing to be a part of the hate and refusing to fuel the toxic rhetoric is one way. I have been a small business owner for 3 decades and I have never experienced a time when yelling hate filled insults resulted in anything productive. With regard to border security. Answered in question #8



3. Do you believe Colorado's current election laws and procedures provide for secure elections and encourage voter participation. Please explain the reasons for your answer. 

Yes, I believe the checks and balances in election judges and signature verifications give us adequate and fair results. I do think cleaning voter rolls is an ongoing and important need.



4. Do you believe that Joe Biden's election in 2020 was legitimate?    Please explain the reasons for your answer either way. 

Yes, I believe it to be legitimate. The clouds that cast a shadow over it are a result of corruption like, the Steele dossier, The communication between the CIA, FBI and Twitter, and the DOJ spying on a political opponent. Americans are tired of the misinformation and lack of trust.


5. What is your perspective on the events of January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC? 

A lot of people made bad choices that day. What is true is that Vice President Mike Pence upheld our Constitution on January 6th and faithfully executed the duties of Vice President.



6. Is there a current policy or piece of legislation that your party has endorsed or supported that you disagree with? If so, how do you intend to address it, if elected?  

All legislation that creates new deficits I disagree with. I intend to vote for balancing the budget.


7. If elected, what actions would you take to help ensure more effective bipartisan communication and collaboration to facilitate better outcomes for CD3 constituents?

I would simply treat each member of congress with the respect and dignity every human being deserves. I know that tensions run high in Congress, and I may not receive dignified treatment from my peers, but I believe in maintaining civil discourse.


8. What are the elements of an immigration policy that would you support?

Following the existing rule of law. Allowing only those to enter who have submitted required documentation complying with current law and deporting all others.

9. What OTHER important issues facing CD3 do you perceive, and what solutions do you have in mind?

Tax reform. Simplifying the tax code and allowing the IRS to become more effective with the staff they had instead of spending billions more to make the agency larger. Water. Working with water users to find ways to keep the water here. working on ways to conserve water. Listening to the needs of agriculture and deciding if and when to add storage. Energy. Supporting our local energy producers.


10. Do you endorse each of the seven Restore the Balance principles to guide political conduct in Western Colorado? Please explain the reasons for your answers, either way. 

Yes, I signed it a long time ago

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