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Restore The Balance-Delta County Branch

Restore the Balance – Delta County (RTB Delta County) is a branch of a 501(C)(4) nonprofit organization centered in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents working together for the purpose of building an alternative to political violence and extremism.

RTB members have endorsed seven fundamental principles of political action and discourse, and RTB’s main activity is the evaluation of candidates for public office.  

Delta County
Steering Committee

  • David Blanchette

  • Judy Briscoe

  • Kim Childs

  • Aaron Clay; Chair

  • Perry Hotz

  • Jim Kendrick

  • Dorothy Pew

  • Frank Robbins

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Delta County News & Information

Restore the Balance rates Delta County Municipal Candidates

Mar 14, 2024

RTB-Delta County Election Task Force sent questionnaires to 34 municipal candidates running in the six municipal elections running concurrently in April. The questionnaire consisted of nine questions and addressed three primary categories: the candidates’ qualifications for office, their grasp of important issues, and their ability to abstain from partisan politics and ideology.

The task force members independently scored the candidates’ responses to each question, with 7
being the highest score. Candidates who didn’t respond to the survey did not receive a score.

The questionnaire, candidate responses, tabulations, and scoring rubric will be posted on the RTB website.

RTB Delta 10/12/23 PR

Restore the Balance rates
Delta County School Board

Oct 12, 2023

RTB-Delta County sent questionnaires to the four school board candidates running for the three open seats. The questionnaire consisted of nine questions and addressed three primary categories: the candidates’ qualification for office, their grasp of and vision to address important issues, and their ability to separate education from partisan politics and ideology. 

"Ideally, if you're running for public office, you want to be as transparent as possible, so we are encouraged that some of the candidates made an effort to respond," said Clay.

RTB-Delta Press Release (Oct. 12, 2023)
Summary of La Plata School Board '23

The Restore the Balance
Delta County School Board subcommittee

Sept 28, 2023

These questionnaires were then sent out to each school board candidate. Tony Bohling and Hardy Hutto did not respond. Dan Burke and Beth Suppes did respond. Each committee member scored the returned questionnaires independently, utilizing a subjective grading scale methodology on a scale of 1 to 7 for the response to each question.

Because the questionnaire was essay in form, committee members used their judgment to assess and score the quality of the response to each question, based on the seven principles of Restore the Balance. These nine scores were then averaged and compiled for distribution.

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