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Support the effort this Election Season!

We are in the home stretch of this election season. Our planned events are fully manned as we have many wonderful volunteers supporting the effort. Our primary goal is to get the word out about RTB's candidate information. WE WILL APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT IN THIS EFFORT.

What we really need of our volunteers and community members is to be proactive in sharing our message

- Put a Restore the Balance Yard sign in your yard and/or a bumper sticker on your car - If you would like a sign or sticker, write to and the head of our volunteer distribution team will let you know where/when you can pick them up. Check with your neighbors to see if anyone would like you to pick a sign up for them.

- Pass out Restore the Balance Rack cards - Rack Cards can also be obtained by contacting Keep some with you and share them when you talk about RTB. If you know of a business where you can leave a stack of cards for patrons, you are encouraged to do so.

- Share our message. Most important is to let all moderate voters know that we are a resource for identifying candidates that match RTB values. Share this link with everyone you know CANDIDATE SURVEY RESULTS.

Write an email to those in your contact list Write a letter to the editor Be creative, the more eyes on the survey results the better

Thank you again for your offer to support the effort!

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